MONDAY - FRIDAY | 4:00-7:00pm
$1 Off
Bottle Beer
Well Drinks
$4 Menu
Sweet Potato Fries
Fried Pickles
Fried Jalapenos
6 boneless chicken wings   
$5 Menu
Garlic Fries
Potato Skins
Chile Verde Nachos
1 topping personal pizza 

Clippers Chip N Dip
Enjoy the game snacking on chips with pico de gallo. 4.99

King’s Clucks & Fries
Battered chicken strips and Rookie house fries cooked to perfection and served with ranch sauce. 8.99

Chile Verde Nachos
Crisp tortilla chips smothered chili verde & mozzarella cheese 9.59

Served with a side of cocktail sauce 8.99

Taco Basket
Three mini tacos filled with tri tip, fish, pulled pork, chicken or shrimp, cabbage, onions, and cilantro. 8.99

Giants Garlic Fries
Huge basket of garlic fries served with your choice of dipping sauce and a breath mint. 8.99

A delicious basket of lightly breaded, fried potato wedges, served with a side of ranch. 7.99

Niners Nachos
Melted cheese, diced tri-tip, chili beans, jalapeños, olives, green onions and a dollop of sour cream. 11.99

Babe Ruth Sliders
3 beef sliders with romaine lettuce and blue cheese on a sesame seed bun. 10.99

A basket of lightly breaded, fried mushrooms, served with your choice of sour cream or ranch. 9.99

Raider Rings
A basket of sweet onions, fried to perfection and served with your choice of dipping sauce. 8.99

Chili Cheese Fries
Rookie house fries smothered in chili beans topped with cheese and onions. 8.99

Charger’s Cheese Sticks
Six lightly breaded mozzarella sticks deep-fried and served with marinara or ranch sauce. 9.59

Potato Skins
Six idaho potato skins topped with melted cheddar cheese, bacon bits and green onions. Served with sour cream. 9.99

Popcorn Shrimp Basket
Breaded popcorn shrimp served with ranch or cocktail sauce. 10.99

Rookie Sampler
The perfect blend of all the great tasting Rookie appetizers. Wings, cheese sticks, onion rings, potato skins, clucks, & popcorn shrimp.
Served with ranch & marinara sauce. 19.99

Wings Rookie Style
Your choice of “fire” or our specialty bbq sauce.
Wings served with blue cheese or ranch sauce for
Order of 10 13.99

All sandwiches served with your choice of french fries or cole slaw. Garlic fries add .99

Sprouts, cream cheese, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and avocado. 8.99

Pioneer’s Pastrami
Pastrami, onions, sliced pepperoncini’s, mustard, swiss chesse on a toasted french roll. 9.59

Blazer’s BLT
Thick cut bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on sourdough bread. 8.99

Miner’s Melt (patty melt)
Juicy hamburger patty with melted swiss cheese and grilled onions on golden grilled marble rye bread. 10.59

Buffalo Grilled Chicken
Served on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato & onion 8.99

Pastrami Press
Pastrami, grilled onions, swiss cheese, and spicy mustard on toasted rye bread. 8.99

Rookies Pulled Pork
Served on a hoagie roll with our Rookies BBQ sauce and a pickle   9.99

French Dip
Tri-tip, swiss cheese, grilled onions on a toasted hoagie roll with au jus.  9.99

Philly Cheese Steak
Grilled steak, bell peppers, grilled onions & mushrooms with swiss cheese on a toasted hoagie roll.  9.99

Teriyaki Rookie Bowl
A bowl filled with steamed white rice, steamed broccoli, sliced tomatoes, chives & topped with chicken breast.  8.99

Smoked Tri-Tip
Tri-tip on a toased hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato & onion.  9.99

Tortillas: chipotle, wheat or spinach.

Lupe Sanchez Chipotle Wrap
Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, cheese, black beans, sweet corn, onions, olives, mushrooms, bell peppers, chipotle dressing.  10.59

Chili Verde Burrito    
Filled with refried beans, rice, cilantro & lime on a chipotle tortilla.  8.99

Dodgers Dog  
Foot long, served with Rookie house fries. 6.99

Rookie Burger   
Lettuce, tomato & onions. 9.99

Turkey Burger
Served on a whole wheat bun, lettuce, tomato & onions. 9.59

Bulldog Burger  
Bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles & onions. 10.99

Jorge Burger  
With onion rings, Jorge bbq sauce, bacon, cheese, and side of onion rings. 11.99

Unit Burger  
Fresh jalapeno stuffed with 2 cheeses and wrapped in bacon on an 8 ounce whole beef patty with lettuce, tomato & onions and a side of beer battered fries. 11.99

AH Cycle Burger 
1⁄2 pound all beef patty, 2 ounces of pulled pork, 3 slices of smoked & grilled tri-tip, 4 slices of bacon, smothered in bbq sauce with lettuce, tomato & onions and a side of onion rings. 12.99

Flat Iron Steak
Made with our own special seasoning, your choice of two sides and toasted garlic bread. 14.99

Served with choice of 2 sides and garlic bread, with your choice of sauce.

Ranger Ribs
Spare ribs smoked to perfection with your choice of our bbq sauces. Half Slab 12.99

Mouth watering trip-tip, smoked to perfection. 11.99

Rawhide Round Up BBQ Sampler 
A mouth watering selection of all of our bbq meats, perfect for two! 21.99

All Rookie’s pizzas are made with only the freshest ingredients. Enjoy!

Toppings Include: pepperoni, olives, canadian bacon, chorizo, onions,
salami, bell peppers, pineapple, jalapeños, grilled chicken, chopped garlic,
tomato, italian sausage, fresh mushrooms and bacon.

Personal 7” - Serves 1
one topping 5.59  |  two toppings 6.59
three toppings 7.59  |  add’l toppings 1.00

Small 10” - Serves 1-2
one topping 10.59  |  two toppings 11.59
three toppings 12.59  |  add’l toppings 1.00

Medium 12” - Serves 2-3
one topping 13.59  |  two toppings 15.59
three toppings 16.59  |  add’l toppings 1.00

Large 14” - Serves 3-4
one topping 16.59  |  two toppings 18.59
three toppings 20.59  |  add’l toppings 1.00

XLarge family size 16” - Serves 4-5
one topping 19.59  |  two toppings 21.59
three toppings 23.59  |  add’l toppings 1.00

Personal 8.59    Small 14.59
Medium 17.59     Large 20.59    XLarge 23.59


The Meat Lovers Special
This pizza is a meal! We pile on all the meat we have in the house. Bacon, canadian bacon, italian sausage, chorizo, salami and pepperoni.

The Mexican
Chorizo and jalapeños.

Giants Combo
Pepperoni, canadian bacon, olives, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and italian sausage.

Chile Verde
Chile verde and mozzarella, its spicy and thats it!

The BBQ Chicken Special
This pizza is for the chicken lovers! A creamy ranch sauce is loaded with tons of bbq chicken and topped with cheese.

The Spicy Hawaiian
A fantastic combination of flavors! Canadian bacon, tons of pineapple and finally some jalapeños to add the extra kick!

Your choice of three toppings and cheese, baked to perfection or deep fried, you choose! 8.99

Garden Salad  
Bed of spring mix & romaine lettuce with tomato, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, black olives & croutons. 7.99

The Caesar  
Crisp romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and
creamy caesar dressing. 8.99

Add grilled chicken breast. 2.99

Taco Salad   
Tortilla shell, spring mix and romaine lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, onions, cheese, with choice of chicken or tri-tip and served with pico and guacamole. 11.99

The Cobb  
Spring mix with Romaine lettuce, cucumber, egg, tomato, onions, bacon bits, avocado, blue cheese and grilled chicken. 11.99

Kid’s Menu - 12 & Under - Drink Included

Cheese Pizza   5.99
Additional toppings. .50

Chicken Strips & Fries   5.99
Lightly breaded strips of chicken served with your choice of dipping sauce.

Grilled Cheese    5.99
Served with french fries.

Kids Sliders   5.99
Beef patties, lettuce & tomato on Sesame seed buns served with french fries.

Cole Slaw    2.99
White Rice    2.99
Side Salad    3.99
Chili Beans    3.99

House Fries    3.99
Steak Fries    3.99
Sweet Potato Fries    4.99
Stuffed Baked Potato    5.99